The Travels Of Rafail Danibegashvili




To the General Assembly of the Supreme Georgian Government frora the Nobleman losif losifovich Dinibegov


To the ancestors of our family, the Georgian kings granted the hereditary title of dagbash, and subsequently King Irakli bestowed upon my father losif the title of khutasis-tavi with the corresponding salary and aliment, which he annually received to the amount of forty tumans. After the death of my father, King Georgi bestowed the same upon my brother together with me and bur descendants, and inasmuch as my brother was sent to India by King Georgi himself, I received the appointed salary until the death of King Georgi on the strength of a copy of the deed, which I hereto append.

Inasmuch as the original deed, placed by my brother for safekeeping with the Collegiate Councillor Prince Egnate Tumanov was lost by the latter, I append hereto a copy of the said deed certified by Georgian princes, who, being members of the Assembly, are known to everybody.

I therefore humbly request the General Assembly to put me forward, together with the others, for a reimbursement of the salary.

Signed by шо, Iosif Dinibegov on the 6th day of November in the year 1807


On the 14th day of August of the year 1808 I received from the General Assembly of the Supreme Georgian Government the copy, submitted by me, of a deed certified by princes and the second protocol.

Nobleman losif Dinibegov The deed has been returned

K. Amatuni