A Truthful History





Having finished the affairs in Nakhichevan, Ibrahim Khan became morepowerful. Aqa Muhammad Khan, though became successor to throne of Iran, but was not yetvery strong. Being in Fars and Shiraz, [Ibrahim] decided to subdue the district of Khoy. Thus in 1203 he invaded Khoy with a huge army comprised of Lesghins of Jar and Avaria, cherik of Karabagh, and Karadagh troops. Moving from one station to another, he reached Marandwith his countless army. Ja'far-qoli Khan, the governor of Khoy hurried to meet themwith his troops. Molla Panah Vaqef, one of Ibrahim Khan's retainers, who was a goodastrologist, foretold conquest of Khoy the next day.

The armies came across in the territory of Marand. During the battlethe commander of Khoy's vanguard charged upon the rival army's commander and cuthis head. [Ibrahim Khan's] troops could resist no longer and ran away. Its cherik infantry regiments laid down arms and were captured and robbed. The others ran back totheir lands and homes. The whole of Ibrahim Khan's army and wealth was plundered.

(92a) Molla Panah, who had surmised of their conquest of Khoy, was alsoimprisoned and brought to Khoy with several other noblemen. There, Farzi Beg, one of theprisoners, told him angrily:

-You told that we should get into the city as conquerors not asprisoners.

The prisoners stayed there for a time, then Ibrahim Khan startednegotiations: he made peace with Ja'far-qoli Khan and had him set his men free.

As Ibrahim Khan was the chief of many khans and governors, he tookhostages their children and relations and kept them in Shushi. Herakl, the Vali ofGeorgia, was also a great governor and the head of some khans. At first they were infriendly relations and always consulted about their problems, considering eachother's opinions. This was because [Ibrahim] Khan was in alliance with Omar Khan, thegovernor of Avaria and Daghestan. In case of disagreements, the leaders of Daghestanimmediately invaded Georgia with their troops by [Ibrahim's] indication and plunderedit.

Thus, in 1205, taking advantage of the disagreements between the Vali and Ibrahim, Omar Khan invaded Georgia and had his army rob the country. [He] occupied thefort of Giumushkhane, massacred the majority of its population, and the rest were held asprisoners. Then [Omar Khan] hurried to Soleyman Pasha, being in Akhaltshkha and spent thewinter there. In spring came back and, again, invaded the land of Georgia. On the way hebesieged the fortress Vahan (Vakhan), which was the refuge of the prince Abashidze(Abashirza), his family and his retinue. After a battle, he captured it, killed itsinhabitants, imprisoned some of them, married one of Abashidze's daughters and sentthe other, Javahir Khanum, to Ibrahim Khan.