1980’s - the conversations had started in Armenia about the urgent need of digitization of the historical and cultural heritage. The general digitization and database projects were developed in early 1990s.

1999-2000 – group of specialists, researchers at the national Academy of Sciences and Matenadaran started the digitization works and developed a database for preserving the Armenian cultural heritage. On January 6, 2000, the Digital Library of Armenian Classical Literature came into existence and became one of the first digital libraries in Europe. With the support of Dr. Haroutun K. Armenian, the President of AUA, who took the project under his wings, the library raised funds to digitize the classical Armenian literature from 5-18th centuries.  The first donor was Ms. Alice Ohanessian from Boston, who financed the project for the first two years.

2001 – Digilib was awarded the 1st prize of the President of RA for significant contributions in IT field for Digitization of the 5-18th centuries Armenian Literature .

2003 – Digilib developed “Tangaran -1.0” project under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and the World Bank. Today more than 30 museums use this program to digitize and  build their database.

2003  - “Grigor Narekatsi” CD was developed under the auspices of Mekhitarian Congregation

2007-2008  - “Turpanjian Family Foundation” funded the digitization of Western and Diaspora Literature (hundreds of works of 75 authors) of 1850-2000.

2009-2010 – New and updated website  - -  was launched with the support of Turpanjian Family Foundation.Today, the renovated website presents about 2000 digitized texts of over 625 authors from 5th to 18th centuries, as well as Western Armenian and Diaspora literature of 19-20th centuries.

After over twenty years of collecting and digitizing the texts of Armenian Classical Literature, Digilib launched the new and improved website of the Digital Library, in line with the best practices of the digital libraries of similar content.

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